Our mission statement

We are an eco-friendly nursery that aims to sustain the planet and strives to exceed your expectations.

How we will reduce our carbon footprint

  • Using our solar panels as a source of energy
  • Filtered drinking water systems
  • Encouraging children to recycle
  • Compost bins
  • Water butts
  • Vegetable patch for children to grow vegetables from seed following through to harvest.
  • We also have a dedicated parent/child vegetable patch which parents can plant things themselves!
  • Using recycled paper
  • Eco-friendly soft surfacing and chippings in our garden
  • Providing washable nappies for the children’s daily nappies
  • Encouraging staff and parents to use sustainable travel

The proprietors/ managers

A little info on ourselves (Rachel and Sylvia). We had both been working as nannies in the few years prior to opening the nursery, we had built up close relationships with families in the area earning us both fantastic reputations for good quality and fun childcare!

We had both worked in nursery settings for many years (Rachel for nearly 10 years) before our nanny careers took off. Rachel had worked in managing some nurseries and gained knowledge and skills to fully understand what children need to develop and grow into healthy individuals.

We have both always had the children’s best interests at heart and have always been very passionate about childcare.

We had both worked in many nurseries between us and always wanted to put our experience and ideas fully into practice to exceed nursery expectations but struggled to perfect these ideals when the nursery was not our own.

After meeting through childcare and becoming firm friends we put our ideas together and set about making our dreams come true!

We are both believers of positive thinking and as we began our journey looking for a property with D1 use, for our nursery; we soon found it was like finding gold dust in Brighton!

We had our criteria for our dream nursery which included a large garden for vegetable patches, sensory/herb garden, areas climbing frames and of course lots of grass.

We viewed a couple of properties but none of them met our expectations.

When we finally found our property on Ditchling road, we were so excited; it was perfect and ticked every box on our list.

We wanted to have a property all on ground level to really make our nursery feel like a home and for fire safety reasons too.

So converting this bungalow was perfect, the building is really spacious and airy inside for the children’s play rooms and the outside space is simply amazing.

The property also has a large kitchen for us to prepare nutritious organic meals. All diets and food preferences can be catered for.

The garden in the property is large enough for all the children to be outside playing together; we have large grass areas, a bike area with soft eco-friendly surfacing, a beautiful little sensory garden along with our quiet decked areas too. With plenty of space for our vegetable patches, mud kitchen and a lovely enclosed area for our chickens to peck around in! Not forgetting our pirate ship to have adventures a plenty on!

We also wanted a good staff room, so staff can relax and feel comfortable.

We always treat our staff with great respect and are grateful of their hard work and efforts; as we know how important continuity is to the children and want to keep our staff for as long as possible while always continuing to encourage them to strive for their dreams just as we did.

As we have both worked in nurseries for years ourselves we understand how hard staff work and sometimes do not get enough praise and encouragement therefor we ensure that feedback and praise is used to help staff achieve their full potential.

Both staff/parents/carers and children will all be treated fairly and equally, If you are a parent looking for a nursery that will fulfil all of its promises, a nursery where your children come first along with actually caring and learning about the environment. Then you have found it!

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