Parents and Carers come and get involved at Little Earthworms

Get involved at LEWAt Little Earthworms we feel it is very important for parents and carers to be able to get involved in their children’s learning in a variety of ways. This enables parents, carers and children to feel safe secure and happy.

We do this in many ways and below are a few ways that parents and carers can really understand how your children learn and also come in and get involved at Little Earthworms!

Each child has a secure online learning journal which is a development folder to track their development through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) with observations, pictures and progress reports (information on your child’s development gathered onto one form for ease of information) so that we can ensure they are getting the most out of their play here at Little Earthworms. This journal can be viewed at any time from home on your smart phone or computer (or you can come in to nursery to view it on a computer or iPad if you do not have access to the internet at home!)

With this folder you can also ask to have a chat away from the children with your child’s key worker at any time so that you can go through in detail any concerns you may have or just a more detailed chat about their development and progress.

At Little Earthworms we have parents evenings twice a year where we cook some of the lovely organic home cooked meals your children will be eating at lunch time for you to try along with providing a few drinks so that parents and carers can get to know each other and also for each parent and carers to have the chance to take a look at the learning journal and talk to the key workers too.

We have a home activity Board in the entrance hall way to the nursery. Staff keep this updated each week with information on different activities and conversation’s you can have with your children at home that can help to extend your children’s learning from home.

We also invite all parents and carers to come in and play at little Earthworms, you can come in and do activities, talk about the country you come from or the countries you have visited. Some parents and carers come in and talk about what they do as a job or even come in with friendly animals they own.

You can find out more about the EYFS and how we use it within the nursery by seeing our EYFS board in the hall way which explains a little more about the 7 areas of learning and the activities we do within those areas!

If there is anything you don’t know or are unsure of in any way please always just ask! We are here to help and advise you as best we can on anything at all you are not clear on.

Some things can seem much more complicated than they are and just need a different way of being explained.

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