Under two’s

Under Twos roomOur under two’s room caters for 9 children. The room is a large spacious area made up of two bright airy rooms. One half is carpeted with quiet and sensory areas and the other half has natural wooden floor boards, for our creative play area.

The under twos room is structured so that the younger and non-mobile babies can engage safely in floor play without restricting the boundless energy of the older more active toddlers thus allowing each child to learn and explore in a eco friendly fun environment..

The toddlers and babies are looked after by caring staff that cater for all individual needs.

All stages of the weaning process can be accommodated using fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the children sit together in a family group for meal times. Every effort is made to continue with routines established at home when babies first join us, but as they grow and develop meal times and playtimes are sociable group activities.

You will be provided with a diary/journal so that your child’s key worker (a selected member of staff for your child) can write about your child’s day. You can also write in this book to our staff if you wish so we can gain a better understanding of your child without the rush of pickup and drop off times!

The key worker system is to ensure working with your child is as smooth as possible and giving parents and carers an individual they know who is taking care of their child.

Over two’s/ Pre-school room

over twosOur over twos room accommodates up to 20 children split between three large open spaces, the room is a bright and open plan comprising of both soft carpet areas and a natural wooden flooring area for creative play.

Providing fun activities; introducing slightly more structured play and learning areas whilst ensuring each individual need is met. Staff are enthusiastic and nurturing, settling each new child into their new room, enabling each child to grow and learn at their own pace.

This room includes a home corner area where children can fully explore their imagination and role play games with their friends along with a quiet book area for children to relax, have stories read to them, read stories to themselves or to each other.

Our messy play/art room has natural wooden floors where children have fun activities such as painting, sand and water play and general messy fun! Activities in this room vary from structured or adult led activities to free choice of what each child would like to do. 

All rooms encourage children to recycle and be aware of our carbon footprint; this will be taught to them in a fun exciting and informative way.

There will be an interactive display on our solar panels so each child can learn about solar powered energy. We will also have outings to recycling banks along with topics based on the nurseries eco-friendly ethos.

These large areas can also be split into three individual rooms to provide more advanced structured activities for the older Pre-school children alongside free play to develop children’s learning.

Activities in this room help refine their skills and prepare them for a school environment whilst keeping the learning through play system throughout the day.

The preschool/over twos children have a dedicated messy room where all sorts of fun can be had from model making, mark making, painting, drawing and general messiness!

The pre-schoolers also have access to the computer where they can do writing, play games, make pictures and print out their own work.

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