the gardenThe main section in the garden is a large area with two main strips of astro grass to take the heavy traffic of children playing along with a natural grass boarder this provides a comfortable area with space for children to develop gross motor skills and includes a lovely little play house!

 In the main garden we have section of eco-friendly soft surfacing for children to ride bikes, scooters and trikes in a safe environment.

The paved covered area outside the art room provides many activities such as sand and water play for outside learning even when the weather is very bad!

In the middle of the garden there is the use of a lovely wooden Pirate ship for many exciting adventures!

 We have a play house for children to develop their imaginary role play. 

In the far corner of the garden we have provided a construction area, under the apple tree which is surrounded by decking. We also have a little enclosed quiet area so children can sit to read books or complete puzzles.

 We have an outside muddy mud kitchen where children can make mud pies, mud cakes and enjoy the freedom of the soil.

Full waterproofs will be provided during time within the mud kitchen!

We have a vegetable patch where children can become green fingered, helping to plant/thin out the seeds and plant them outside! They follow it through right to harvest time and learn how to chop and cook the crop! This patch is maintained by the children (and the staff) to provide some of our vegetables and herbs for consumption in the nursery seasonally!

The sensory garden has lots of beautiful bright colours, herbs to smell, things to touch/feel and make noise with! So much to explore and look at too! In the sun our disco ball creates shards of light that the children love to chase!

Our chickens provide daily fresh eggs and help children to learn where our food comes from in the world. The chickens have a lovely open space to run around along with a lovely little wooden house where they sleep at night and lay their delicious eggs which the children often have at tea time!

Little Earthworms is very lucky to have such a large beautiful grassed garden for the small amount of children we cater for.

Children will have access to the garden at most times, rain, snow or shine just as John Ruskin said; “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” So please provide suitable clothing for all weathers!

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